Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life is Like A Glass

i had watch a anime.. the title is "Code Geass" And i get a quote there.. i ithink i's a quite nice quote.. hopefully you'll like it^^

If happiness had a shape, what would it be?
Happiness just like a glass
Because, it can’t be notice normally, but it’s still exists
The evidence is that if you change the angle, the angle that you look at it from
Glass will be shining
You’ll be expressing your existence as much as anything else
Even it’s contaminated by fake memories
It’ll still reveal the transparent colors of the glass
Always forever. Forever

a quite nice quote, right? =D

Sunday, April 4, 2010

thinking around about study and love.. hmm??

well, it's april.. hmm i just have one month to study and full my remedial tests..
My God, i can't make it this time.. how can I do??

beside of this problem, i'm just thinking around about LOVE (euuh ~)
zzz, too bad! now, i must to thinking about my school subject and my head always think about LOVE ??? heegh, NO TIME, CHICCA! NO Time!

i'm nor sure if i think of LOVE it's my feeling to 'someone special in my life now' but i think it's about my self, my trueself.. I wanna have a boyfriend, i miss to get it feeling.. i want to feel it again, but WHO???  just speaking (really?! i don't think so)

huh! can anyone answer it? i think not, because it's all about my self then just my self too to need to answer it