Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life Must Go On!

Alright, finally i have my mood back to update this blog.. even i just write one, it's still an update, right?

I'm gonna write about something important for me and Mr. E since 9 months ago, when we still just a 'friend'.. it's about his apartement (kost-an)

It was located in Jl. Cibogo no 24, Bandung.. behind our campus of course.. it was on 3rd floor.. its called E2-05..
A tiny room, with a big glass so we can take many pictures of us there and he put his clothes inside it.. also a single bed, with 3 pillows and umm what's its name in english (??????) but in indonesia we called it guling (cute name: guying)..
A small bathroom and a simple table to place our kitchen tools like spoons, knife, plates, mugs, etc. also our food there.. there is a table to place his mac there, also any cables or chargers..

Hmm, just talk about it and my tears is going flow again, hmmm~

In my case, it's a room for me to rest, to sleep, to do my assignment, to share with him, to read, to laugh, to cry, to take a bath, to watch, to do something private with him of course because we're a lover, to eat, to learn or to wait my next class..

Even it's just a small room, but it's cozy inside, warm, and soft.. it's a place for Mr. E to confessed his feeling to me, a place for us to be a lover, so much moments we have there.. when we must to leave it, we were so sad :( till now of course.. *sigh*

Wait, i'm crying again.......

But, life must go on, right?
So we just left that place BUT keep the moments inside our memory.. a lovely moments that worth to be saved..

Goodbye our e2-05, you'll be missed.......


Chicca Naftalia