Saturday, March 20, 2010


today i finished watch the japanese animation serial TV from the DVD.. i borrowed that from my friend, Florence Griffith.. the title of the serial is KUROSHITSUJI.. one of the main character, Ciel Phantomhive.. I like this character.. He has a butler named, Sebastian Michaels.. I watched it from yesterday and i finished it today..
The end of the stories is...........
ciel panthomhive    Sebastian - ciel
oh nooooo~ why ciel? how pathetic

but, i heard from my friend, there is season 2 of this serial.. I hope ciel will be alive.. hope so~ but, i like this anime.. very like ciel.. Nice anime! hohoho.. thank you florence about the DVD.. hahaha

Friday, March 19, 2010

hey, did ya know.. today i've got block 2 account person from my list on facebook..
they're nickname are my 2nd ex and Mrs. Lily..
well, i'm sorry guys.. i'm nor too comfort if you were being friend with me on facebook.. it's all about my privacy.. i don't like you two.. You had make me feel afraid.. urgh maybe i'm too over protective for my self..but i want to
from now on, we just only a aquitance.. sorry mrs. Lily and my 2nd ex

mencoba menulis yang baru lagi..

waw, lama tak mencoba posting lagi.. hahaha...
weegh, ngga keren nih pake indo.. swt dh..

okay, from now on i'll use english.. practise my english now.. yippie!

hmm, i wanna tell about my brother.. his name is Lewi Adriel, he is my little brother.
i just have one brother and no sister.. i'm the oldest.. hohohoho..
i have a photo of him, he looks like a stranger boy.. but truly, that is my brother. hahaha..

end of my blog now.. thank you!