Sunday, March 11, 2012

crazy little thing called "hurt"

me and Kevin Michael was broke up on March 3rd 2012
you know, it's hurt since then.. can i call him back with "sayang" or "nyetto" or something like that?
his promise, was it a lie?a tissue paper with his handwriting on it, will he prove his promise? a kiss on my stomach as a promise of us to be together later, will he prove it? Or it was just for fooling around?

every night, i can't stop the tears of it.
Kevin Michael, the person who i know is a person who can keep his word, until now, i just can believe it. although he is an absent-minded person, he always can keep his word in the other side of his memories.
but, it's still hurt even i know what's the reason. i don't want to forget you, i don't want to be separate from you. please, don't get any girls after me, be with me.
My my~ i love him with all of my heart, i have a faith if he feels the way i feel. but when i remember our status, there's no guarantee if he will find a new one after me, a better person than me. there's no guarantee that we would make up our relationship in the future.
Kamisama, can i have faith on him? or should i give up on it?

Michael Fernando (Mike), a close friend of mine, said that all i need is just to believe him and try my best to get him back. but when i think there's no guarantee of it, i just think all of it was just a bullshit.
tell me, God, what should i do? should i give up or i try my best?

Kamisama, all i can do is just to pray, cry, hope, also try, right?